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Making Use Of Natural Methods To Handle Gynecomastia

April 1, 2012

Having gynecomastia treatment without surgery involves uncovering the triggers that lead to your gynecomastia in the first place, then eradicating them from your system permanently.

The cause of gynecomastia can be boiled down to the two main sex hormones – estrogen and testosterone High estrogen and/or low testosterone can lead to gynecomastia. Levels of estrogen and testosterone can be altered in this way by certain environmental triggers.

The hormones estrogen and testosterone are responsible for deciding the sexual qualities of a man vs that of a woman. In general, during puberty estrogen gives women their breasts and testosterone gives men their extra muscle and bone mass. Gynecomastia occurs when the balance of these sex hormones is altered either naturally or artificially (through steroid abuse).

Factors that cause a guy to develop breasts can be classed in one of the below categories

Certain health conditions
Hormonal influences from your surroundings
Hormonal fluctuations that happen during puberty
Unknown causes (25% of cases)

Addressing your male breasts by finding out how to reduce man breast fat is in no way an excuse to avoid your doctor. I highly recommend that you take the time to first make an appointment with your physician to address any possible medical ailments you may have. Also, if you happen to have been exposed to estrogen for prolonged periods of time, you may have develop breast glands that need to be removed via surgery. It is best for this to be diagnosed by your doctor.

Environmental triggers generally, are the most common reason why men develop breasts. Therefore in the vast majority of cases, the best way forward is to reduce those man boobs using natural methods. Those who are listed by their doctors for surgical resection of breast glands and breast tissue, STILL need to address the root cause of their breast developing by following a natural man-boob reduction regime.

Medical pills are actually scientifically documented as being very effective at reducing male breasts, on the other hand it comes with dangers and side effects that are just not worth risking, as it has been shown that natural tactics bring quicker and better results, but without all the risks.

In the modern world, estrogen is widely used in almost EVERYTHING, with a worldwide availability of excess estrogens in water and food. Estrogen also makes its way into your body through your skin, and is even BREATHED in especially when youíre fueling up your car.

In order for you to reduce gynecomastia, you not only have to avoid all the excess estrogen in your environment, but if you add in, on top of these avoidance tactics, methods that have been scientifically proven to both reduce estrogen levels and reduce our body’s sensitivity to estrogen, AND increase testosterone at the same time, you would find yourself losing your man boobs in a matter of weeks or a few short months rather than in a span of years.

These methods include both dietary tactics and exercises that when combined, can eliminate male breasts in just a few short weeks. To discover the tactics that I, a personal trainer with over 7 years of experience in the field of man boob reduction, have found to work on my clients, click the link to read the article that follows Exercises to Get Rid of Man Boobs.


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